I’ve really enjoyed working with David. He’s been a real source of inspiration and a fountain of advice and knowledge. In a month I’ve made more progress than I’ve made in a year.

Julia Leckey, The Honest Brand

David is a font of fresh ideas. The good thing about that is that he passes all those ideas onto you, the even better thing about that is that he gets you coming up with fresh ideas of your own. After a few sessions, I found that I was approaching the same old issues with new perspectives, and plenty of new solutions. Crucially for me, I feel as if I have a much firmer grasp of where to take my business, and, as a storyteller, I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Christopher Lomas, Lomas Editorial

The sessions with David really helped me determine my ambitions and personal values, which made my job-hunting more focused. He offered a valuable counterpart for self-reflection, resulting in unearthing inspiring new options to explore. I found my discussions with him professional, well-prepared and always fun!

Elina, Healthcare Helsinki

David has the unique ability to facilitate deeper thinking during coaching sessions. He encouraged me to reconsider what I truly aspired to and to confront the things that were holding me back. The sessions helped me to take accountability for previously learned behaviours that stopped me from reaching my goals. David also helped me to look at situations with a fresh perspective, enabling me to move forward. I would love to work with David again and can highly recommend him as a coach.

Christelle Correia, Casting Crowns

One of David’s many strengths is his ability to bring clarity and insight to bear on any given issue. Amiable, exceedingly knowledgeable and very well connected, David brings vast and wide-ranging experience together with a calm, thoughtful and considered opinion to every situation.

Alistair Burtenshaw, Watts Gallery Trust

David is a natural leader, listener and connector who genuinely wants people to perform to the best of their ability and he has the necessary expertise, experience, insight and networks to help them do so. He is someone I have great respect for… an exceptional coach and mentor.

Charlie Redmayne, HarperCollins

David is an influential, experienced and highly respected business leader, whose gravitas and reputation complements his no-nonsense attitude and easy charm.

Vikki van Someren, The Bike Shed

David is a spirited, energetic and highly commercial leader, who quickly establishes good relationships at all levels. He is imaginative, and results focused, with strong analytical ability.

Alan Giles, NED, Foxtons

David builds winning teams. His tenacity, good humour and ability to engender trust are a rare combination of skills in any industry.

Chris Rushby, Jarrold

David’s knowledge and insights are vast, as are his network and connections.

Linda Muir, LMA International

David’s coaching sessions have had a profound impact on my life. He has enabled me to gain a much more holistic perspective on my goals and the obstacles that I have faced achieving them. His style of coaching and the questions that he asks really made me confront the factors that have been a barrier to my development and therefore I have been able to take action to achieve my goals. I have learnt that I possess the skills and talents to make my dreams happen, but I needed to shift my thinking and understanding of my capabilities first. David has helped me learn how to set realistic and measurable goals that I can implement across all areas of my life and I look forward to achieving more as a result of this.

Salma Ibrahim, Literary Natives

I had great pleasure working with David Roche who is a very talented, professional and success driven coach. With his results-driven style, I knew David was the perfect coach for me as I wanted to increase productivity in order to achieve my goals. David was extremely professional during all sessions making me feel comfortable in opening up and he listened to me with no judgment. David’s incisive and challenging questioning got me to take the ownership and accountability for my way forward. Throughout our coaching relationship, David believed in my abilities and empowered me to move forward to achieve the success I’ve been looking for. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for a successful coach.

Marta Kiermacz-Abramek, Polish Radio in London

David Roche has been able to adapt to my own needs and empower me to kickstart my professional career. Monthly sessions with David have been invaluable time for me to challenge my ideas, my priorities and my long-term goal, so as to inform my day to day activity. Facing very different situations, David’s coaching consistently helped me to understand the issue I was confronted with, to fix myself new objectives, and a specific method to achieve those targets I fixed. This methodical problem-solving mindset is the most valuable thing I developed thanks to David Roche’s coaching.

Ulysse, Editions Sillages

David has an incredibly strong reputation and justly so for being a decisive, driven, and inspirational leader who has an almost unique range of book trade experience having worked at very senior level on both sides of the fence. A very strong measure of a highly capable leader are the results they deliver and the loyalty they get from those around them. David’s natural commercial skills and passionate personality have delivered both in huge amounts.

Michael Neill, Bertrams

David is an excellent and impassioned leader, with inexhaustible energy.

Gary Mudie, Babylon Health

David has a unique perspective on the publishing industry, huge energy, in depth commercial understanding and also appreciates – and enjoys – the subtle nuances of a creative industry.

John Bond, WhiteFox

Tough, bright, no-nonsense and immensely likeable

Christine Martin, GES

Before I started coaching with David Roche I was quite confused and lost as to what would come next, and how I would continue the momentum I had built during my Traineeship. My first session with David allowed me to narrow down what I wanted to achieve in the short-term and long-term. The sessions to follow helped me remain focused, and encouraged me to try new ways of approaching job opportunities. David continually asked questions that challenged my understanding, and that pushed me to be more bold and confident in my decision making. During a turbulent period, David’s questions sculpted my way of thinking about and approaching new opportunities. David helped me re-evaulate my short and long-term goals and set new ones.

Hena Bryan, Bryan House Publishing