Why Grey Area Coaching?



Grey Area Coaching is perfect for procrastinators

  •  Do you constantly put off doing the most difficult or important thing on your to do list?
  • Are you a mañana person, always putting off doing something until it’s the ‘right time’?
  • Do you leave critical things until the last possible minute before the deadline?

Grey Area Coaching provides you with the motivation, clear steps, and the drive and discipline to complete the all-important tasks that collectively take you in the direction you need to go.


Grey Area Coaching is perfect to clarify direction 

  •  Do you know where you want to end up but not sure where to start or what exactly you need to do to get there?
  • Are you unsure what you need to do when and in which order to keep on track?
  • Are you really doing everything you could to make sure your plans work? 

Grey Area Coaching explores all possible options to produce action plans that ensure progress to the overall goal is consistent and constant.


Grey Area Coaching is perfect to gain confidence 

  •  Do you doubt your ability to achieve what you can do?
  •  Have you tried to go down a similar road in the past and not been successful?
  • Do you have doubts that you are capable about doing what you need to do

Grey Area Coaching is non-judgemental, challenges your limiting beliefs and the barriers that are holding you back, and finds new routes to success.


Grey Area Coaching provides independent support

  •  Do you need advice on how to manage specific relationships with key people at work?
  •  Do you need advice on how to handle work politics better and how you may be perceived?
  • Do you need a sounding board to offload your frustrations about issues at work and welcome advice on how to cope with them better?
  • Do you need to build your network to help you progress your career? 

Grey Area Coaching offers you new ways of thinking and problem solving, and the additional short-cut of learning from an expert who has been there before and can advise on the options and best route to success, based on experience.


Grey Area Coaching offers the best of both Coaching and Mentoring

    • I insist on a free initial meeting to explore what it is that you wish to achieve as a result of the coaching/mentoring relationship and to manage expectations on both sides
    • There is no charge or fee for this meeting and no commitment to proceed with coaching or mentoring as a result
    • At the meeting, I will ask questions about you and your ambitions and also explain about Grey Area Coaching’s Code of Ethics and professional accreditation
    • After the meeting, I will produce a proposal tailored specifically to your needs and discuss this with you – this will include methodology, timing (including a specific number of sessions), a fee for the sessions, a simple agreement, and terms and conditions on both sides, applied to this agreement

Grey Area Coaching offers the combination of professional coaching expertise and the wisdom and experience offered by mentoring. The initial meeting will ensure the client is committed to both their own development and will be open in doing so. The meeting will also enable the design of the sessions to reflect the specific needs of each individual client. Grey Area Coaching relies on its satisfied clientele in order to generate new business, rather than advertising. It is important to me thatevery client understands what coaching and mentoring will provide and that they are committed to a successful outcome too. In that way both parties will benefit from the relationship and will achieve positive results.